The best TV antenna services in Dubbo & Western Regions

Because we wouldn't want you to miss your favourite show!

Page Electronics in Dubbo are a TV antenna service that do the lot.

We do installations, cabling, configuring of digital boxes and repairs.

We know how messy and fiddly these jobs can be, so we aim to take over while you sit back and relax.

Antenna installation

television antenna

Forget climbing up on top of your roof on an unstable ladder in the wind and the rain.

Page Electronics deals with these situations several times a day; so dealing with us saves time and stress for everybody.

Our technicians will be able to install your antenna in a quarter of the time you can without the problems that might occur to an amateur.

There will be no evidence we have been there, apart from crystal clear reception!

Additional TV points

Watch where you want !

television cables

Did you move into a new apartment?

Are your TV needs not being met?

Are you currently unable to watch TV in bed?

Page Electronics have the solution for you.

We can add additional TV ports in as many rooms as you desire.

Remember, our TV antenna services include everything you need to give you that reception you always wanted.

Repairs and Servicing

(most makes and models)

Something strange happening with your TV ? ..  

Or it just won't turn on ?

Page Electronics in Dubbo can fix most small and large problems providing the items are still serviceable and - of course - depending on parts availability as required.

We also specialise in servicing,.. because extending the life of your equipment saves money!

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